Ajax wants to be as unique as high jumper Fosbury

Ajax wants to step into high jumper Dick Fosbury’s steps. “For years, everybody went over the bar with their belly towards the ground. Suddenly, somebody does it with his back downwards: Fosbury.

“What a lunatic”, people said, but two years later everybody did it that way. The same has happened with Ajax. Everybody has copied the Ajax academy. Now we want something different. And in ten years, everybody will be doing the same thing Ajax has done again. And then we think of something new again”, Frank de Boer says, whom revealed the new working way to “bring the club back to the European top with our own youth” to the Brazilian press in Rio de Janeiro.

That did, as he said in English, take “a little revolution” though. Ajax headed into a different road last year and said goodbye to a number of employees at the club. In Rio, De Boer explained more about the new way of working towards the Dutch press.

“We want to lift players up to a higher level with a greater pace, so they won’t have to get used to Eredivisie for two years in the near future. From the age of 7 till 14 you’re busy with team drills, after that we focus on the inidivual. This is done by good coaches, who have an eye for details. One player needs to grow mentally, another physically or his first touch has to improve. If one player has a headache, the entire team doesn’t need a pill.”

Players come to Ajax for the craftsmanship and not for the millions, De Boer said. “They have to get the feeling they get the best education at Ajax, so they are ready for the big work aged 23 or 24; a transfer to a big league. Ajax can work for 4 years with those players and hopefully impress in Europe, especially if players return at a certain moment, like Rijkaard in the past and Poulsen now.”

Translated from Dutch into English. Original source: Algemeen Dagblad, 14/01/2013


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