No woman, no cry

Danilo crying in Donald’s arms.

Full credit to Eredivisie Live for this image.

During last Sunday’s match-up of Heracles Almelo against Roda JC, Portuguese defender Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira snapped, went ballistic at the referee and ended in tears whilst being held back by team-mate Mitchell Donald on the pitch. Just a few moments earlier, referee Van Sichem had shown him a yellow card for supposedly swearing at the referee after protesting against a called foul.

In his post-game interview, referee Van Sichem (yes, referees sometimes give post-match interviews in Holland if they want to) explained the situation to Eredivisie Live’s crew. “It surprised me why he was crying, which is of course very sad,” he said. “In my eyes the situation before this moment, where Armenteros grabbed onto Danilo, was no foul but I was incorrect. I walked up to Danilo to tell him I was sorry and he was right, as he had disagreed with the decision right away. He reacted by walking away, making gestures and saying “f*ck you” to me. I then called him over, responding “what did you mean, f*ck you?” and carded him for dissent and insulting the referee. And then the situation continued as the images show, with him bursting out in tears.”

Mitchell Donald then approached me, telling me I had supposedly said something about his mother which made him react that way. I told Donald I had never said anything about his mother and wouldn’t know why I would’ve done that either. This is my story and more has not been said. I think you can clearly see I don’t really say anything in the images.”

Ruud Brood, the Roda manager, said something had been mentioned which hit the player emotionally, but he didn’t know what yet as he hadn’t spoke directly to the player. Meanwhile, off-the-record, Donald and Danilo stuck to their version of events and told the press Van Sichem had insulted Danilo’s mother, causing him to react in the manner that he did.

The following day the KNVB, unsurprisingly, backed Van Sichem and considered his reading to be the truth. This, subsequently, wouldn’t result in an inquiry by the Dutch FA about the supposed insults made on the field in Almelo. Meanwhile, Roda JC officially noted their support of Danilo, saying they know him as an honest person and have no reason to doubt his story. The club nor the player wish to comment any further on the matter though, leaving the case as it is for now.

To be continued? Who knows. Sure thing is the Eredivisie has it’s own Mark Clattenburg-incident. Only this time, without the following inquiry.

Highlights Heracles Almelo – Roda JC


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