Fischer: “A sold out ArenA, the nerves, I’ve learned a lot from that.”

After his debut against PSV in the Johan Cruyff Schaal battle, the noise surrounding Viktor Fischer was killed off. Ajax knowingly kept the Danish talent out of the pressure cooker. “That period was tough”, Fischer admitted in Zwolle, where the attacker played a key part in the 2-4 victory against PEC Zwolle with two goals and an assist.

The door opened up and David Endt’s question was clear. If he wanted to hurry up under the shower, “because a few hundred reporters were waiting for him”.

Viktor Fischer goofed around a bit and was one of the last few to leave the dressing room. Shy blushes glowing on his boyish face, hair neatly combed, but the self-conscious words flowed out of his mouth. “They can say: he’s smart or technical, but if you ask me about my best asset, it’s scoring goals”, Fischer said with a big grin on his face.

He wasn’t joking. The striker whom put his mark on the victory over PEC with two goals and an assist knows what he does best. “I’ve always produced a lot of goals, mostly from wide left”, Fischer spoke. In 2011 he was picked up at FC Midtjylland by at-the-time technical man Danny Blind, after scout John Steen Olsen wrote praising reports.

Fischer is back. That might sound strange for an 18-year old kid, but since his arrival at Ajax in 2011 his star has seen a rapid rise. The young Dane scored goals and impressed during last year’s NextGen Series, the so-called Mini Champions League.

Manager Frank de Boer took him into the senior squad this summer and he fit in seamlessly. That was until his first official game in the first team, the game against PSV for the Johan Cruyff Schaal. “That was a bad game”, he said looking back at that yesterday. “I was nervous. The ArenA, a sold out stadium. I wasn’t used to it. I’ve learned a lot from that day.”

Translated from Dutch into English. Original source: Algemeen Dagblad, 12/11/2012


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