What’s up with John?

Lately, I’ve been getting many questions about John Guidetti on Twitter, with lots of football fans around the world wondering why he hasn’t been mentioned in any transfer rumours or has not moved clubs yet despite a large amount of sides carrying interest in the Swedish forward. The answer is very simple: he’s out injured.

Then again, is it that simple? Because it’s not a mere injury that’s temporarily keeping the former Kenyan elephant-walker out, but a nerve inflammation. And a very serious one at that, which left Feyenoord’s club doctor Casper van Eijck in serious doubt if the youngster could even continue his career.

“Honestly, we also kept the option of John’s career being over open,” Van Eijck told RTV Rijnmond. “I’m very pleased we had the opportunity to let two excellent neurologists from the Erasmus and Ikazia hospital do a diagnosis on him within one and a half days. If that wouldn’t have been possible, I would’ve been very fearful for his career.”

“He’s working hard on his recovery. That isn’t progressing as fast as we hoped it would. The seriousness of the inflammation was so severe that we’re already happy that he’ll most likely return to 100% fitness. That’s very important. If that takes one or three months, isn’t important.”

“During certain food poisonings, the body starts making several anti-bodies to get rid of the bacteria. Sometimes those anti-bodies can also affect nerve-systems. This happened with John. A nerve in his right leg, which he needs to play football, has been hit by the anti-bodies. The recovery of those nerve-systems takes ages. You can’t really treat that with modern medicine.”

This uncertainty is what keeps clubs away. Nobody knows if John Guidetti will actually fully recover from this, let alone return on the level of play he was at Feyenoord. He’s a risk, and at times like these clubs don’t like to take risks. Luckily for John, he signed a new contract at Manchester City last summer, so they cannot get rid of him easily, thus not rendering him without a job and income when he does make his return in football. That’s the one and only upside in this whole story.

I, for one, sincerely hope Guidetti makes a full recovery. If possible, even speedy but I’d rather see him back to full health even if it takes a full year. Because, like Ben Lyttleton (@benlyt) said on Twitter, football needs more players that have walked with elephants in Kenia. People that have seen the hardships of life, know how good their life is and give it all they’ve got for themselves and others.

Get well (soon), John.


3 thoughts on “What’s up with John?

  1. Am glad you have taken the time to point this out Kevin. It really sprung to my attention just before Euro 2012 when the Swedes had an injury upfront I believe and there were calls for Guidetti to come in (or perhaps it was before the initial selection). They explained that they could not even say when he would be fit. And it’s the uncertainty of it all, which must be really hard for John. In some ways it is better to have a bad knee injury – you know you will miss 9-10 months, even a year but you have a clear program to work through and you can see the improvements.

    And as it says above, good to see players with a sense of perspective. It makes them better, as I have seen for myself in cricket.

    • Yeah, it must be horrible for him to be stuck in this limbo between being sick and getting back to full health. But not just him, his family too. His parents have spend a lot of time getting him as far as he had gotten, by constantly supporting him, and within one week it may all be gone. The same for his girlfriend.

      I just hope he gets back to full fitness and we might, one day, admire him wearing the Feyenoord jersey again. Because as much as I love Ajax, Guidetti at Feyenoord was something special for both the player and the fans. And that’s something that should be cherished in this otherwise harsh and financially unbalanced sport.

  2. A big trouble, I really hope he could recover soon, he’s one of the most interesting u-21 European strikers, I heard some summer rumors that Siena and Torino were interested to sign him but the illness stopped everything.

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